According to The Detroit News, Diddy’s restaurant in Atlanta, Justin’s, owes close to $8,000 in federal taxes. Records have revealed that the restaurant owes exactly $7,373 in taxes.

A representative for Diddy claims that the taxes owed by Justin’s is a result of errors made by the IRS and a company that handles Justin’s tax payments. Notices from the IRS were being sent to a corporate location that hadn’t been used in years. Also, tax payments made on behalf of Justin’s in 2007 to the IRS were underpaid.

“The new address was on file with the IRS, so it is surprising this happened,” said a representative for Justin’s.

Upon hearing about the owed taxes, a check was immediately made to the IRS covering the full amount.

Justin’s Restaurant, which opened over 10 years ago, specializes in Southern and Caribbean food. The New York location of Justin’s closed in 2007 with the hopes of opening a more spacious restaurant in the city.

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