There’s still some bad blood between Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West.

Back in late January, Wiz and ‘Ye got into a war of words via social media, and it ended in ‘Ye apologizing, but was he sincere?

In the midst of letting his Twitter fingers fly, Kanye somehow took credit for the birth of Wiz and Amber Rose‘s son Sebastian Thomaz. ‘Ye tweeted: “12th You wouldn’t have a child if it wasn’t for me,” which the father of two said after mistaking one of Wiz’s tweets about weed for a Kim Kardashian diss.

The spat originally began when Kanye said he would name his then-impending album Waves (now, The Life of Pablo). Wiz took it as a sign of disrespect to Wave God Max B, shared his opinion, and then tweeted about KK, which doesn’t stand for Kanye’s wife’s name.

In all his rage, Kanye took the beef a little too far when he brought Sebastian into it a second time, tweeting: “13th You own waves???? I own your child!!!!!”

Immediately after, Amber and Kim K. let bygones be bygones, because obviously things had gone too far, and from what we heard, Kanye also called Wiz and apologized. Now, in an interview with The Breakfast Club, Wiz admits he’s not sure if the apology was real.

“Yea, he apologized. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s squashed though because like, when you see him talk about it, it doesn’t add up to what he said to me on the phone,” Wiz explained, at which point the Power 105.1 hosts agree.

Watch the full interview below and leave your thoughts, plus check out tons of cute photos of Sebastian in the gallery that follows.


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