Expecting 50 Cent not to curse on a track is like expecting the rest of us not to breathe. So, why was he asked to perform at a St. Kitts music festival if promoters wanted a clean, PG-13 set?.

Funny guy Fiddy agreed to a last-minute performance in the Caribbean island of St. Kitts after another act fell through, but was detained by police after cursing throughout his time on stage. According to the famed rapper, entrepreneur, and Power actor, he made it clear that he could not perform if profanity was going to be an issue.

From Page Six:

Cussing on stage is a violation of the tiny island’s “Small Charges Act” — and during his performance, the Queens born artist could be heard using words like “motherf–ker” to a crowd of some 40,000, according to video of the event and published reports.

After the show, police detained 50 Cent and a member of his entourage, Bajar Walter, for using “indecent language,” authorities said. They were released on bail before they appeared in front of a judge on Sunday, Ruisi said. They paid a fine and were allowed to leave for the United States.

50 was only supposed to attend as a sponsor and host.

The “P.I.M.P.” rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, was at the festival because his vodka label was a sponsor, and he only agreed to go on stage an perform because another act didn’t show up, sources said. “He said, `I don’t have anybody (backup musicians) or anything with me, but OK I can do a quick set,’” 50 Cent’s spokeswoman Amanda Ruisi said.

The rapper was told of local laws against profanity — which would make a huge swath of this work illegal to perform. “They did say, `You cannot use profanities,’ and he was like `Well then I cannot perform,’ ” Ruisi explained. “They said it was OK as long as he could pull the mic away from his face when performing, so he doesn’t have to say that the word (and have it picked up by the mic and audience).”

Clearly, you were hoodwinked, 50.


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