The Drake vs Joe Budden saga just got a lot more interesting.

Months ago, after Drake released Views, Joe Budden took to his I’ll Name This Podcast Later podcast to reveal that while he liked the album, Drake sounds uninspired.

I think that that kid on that album that I heard sounds real f-ckin’ uninspired. That’s what I think. I think that that music is real good. You can’t fool a real n-gga…That music sounds good and I enjoyed it…40, you sound amazing. 40 continues to progress. Drake, you do not. I said the other day on this podcast I miss the Drake that starts the waves, not hops on other waves and I’ll say it again: I miss the Drake that pushes the fuckin’ agenda, not lets the agenda push him.” he said on a video posted to Instagram.

Weeks later we got a snippet of a new French Montana and Drake song, in which Drake can be heard saying “pump, pump, pump it up” in a cadence eerily similar to Budden’s 2003 hit “Pump It Up.”

That must’ve set Budden off and he has finally released a track in hopes of inspiring Drake to rap again.

Listen to “Making a Murderer Pt. 1” below and cross your fingers in hopes of a response from the 6 God.


SOURCE: Soundcloud | IMAGE CREDIT: Getty