Drake has always been a voice for the young people, and now the rapper is using his powers for good.

Drizzy penned an emotional letter about the death of Alton Sterling, an unarmed Black man in Louisiana who was shot and killed by police officers. In the letter, Drake addressed the issue of Black and brown people’s relationship with law enforcement in America and claimed that the Alton Sterling video left him “feeling disheartened, emotional and truly scared.”

He continued, “It’s impossible to ignore that the relationship between black and brown communities and law enforcement remains as strained as it was decades ago. No one begins their life as a hashtag. Yet the trend of being reduced to one continues.” 

Although Drake is a Canadian citizen, he considers the States to be his second home. He went on to express his condolences to the Sterling family and his optimism for the country, saying, “Things can change for the better. Open and honest dialogue is the first step.”

Check out Drake’s heartfelt letter above.

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Getty 

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