It looks like Justin Timberlake‘s eyes have opened since his controversial tweets surrounding Jesse Williams’ speech.

“Couldn’t even sleep last night,” the Grammy-winning pop artist tweeted Thursday (July 7). “First, #AltonSterling and then this video of #PhilandoCastile being brutally killed. This. Must. Stop.”

He continued, “This IS systemic. We MUST DO BETTER. My heart goes out to the families of #AltonSterling and #PhilandoCastile. May they both Rest In Peace.”

Justin isn’t the only one speaking out.

Singer P!nk and reality star Kim Kardashian are also in fervent support of the #BlackLiveMatters movement following the murders of Castile and Sterling.

P!nk said on Instagram: “To anyone that has an issue with me saying BLACK LIVES MATTER…. Please unfollow AS FAST AS YOU CAN.” She also shared a list of police brutality victims whose murders resulted in no convictions.

Kim posted a letter to her website to address “How to make a difference in the battle over systemic racism.”

SOURCE: Twitter, Instagram | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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