As the general of his rap group MobSquad, Jacksonville rapper MobSquad Nard is a ready to set the his own “bar in the rap game.”

The 26-year-old force grinded his way up from the streets, after serving a stint behind bars, to a label deal.

With his current mixtape “Everything Clean But Da Ashtray” generating major buzz, it’s only befitting he join Camron, The Underachievers and G Herbo on the “Smoker’s Club Tour.”

“The rappers that are on this tour, like Herb, I rock with them,” he said proudly of his fellow Smoker’s Club performers. “One love. Smoker’s Club.”

Herb also appears on Nard’s mixtape and other guest appearances include: 21 Savage and Big Krit.

While Nard is a professional smoker, hence his green obsession, he remembers his most embarrassing high.

“I might have been in a hot box session with a couple of my partners in the Mob Squad. This was when my dog first got a car. He was around 16-years-old. I didn’t have my car. We were just smoking and I was just learning how to roll,” he explained. “I was so fascinated with learning how to roll I just wanted to stuff it with all the weed. We were just smoking two big blunts in a hot box. I began to feel hot. I was like ‘I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I think I need to get out the car.’ I get out the car and everybody just laughing. I’m like ‘Y’all chill this is serious.” They was you tripping.’” The clowned me in the background, because I went and laid down in the back. I was like I’ll catch up with y’all in the morning.”

The song they we’re recording, by the way, is “M.O.B All Day.”

Nard attributes his success to his gritty raps. “I like to put my all in my rap. Give it to them.” Nard is the true hustler. He still carries hard copies of his mixtape.

“With Florida, we have rappers like that. Imma set the bar with talent and consistency.”

As for what wants his fans to know, “I keep it real because God is watching. Everything I do is genuine.”

Catch MobSquad Nard on the “Smoker’s Club Tour.” Dates here.

IMAGE CREDIT: Press Photo/ Instagram

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