After beating around the bush for several months, DJ Drama finally opened up about the role he played in Drake and Meek Mill‘s ghostwriting beef – and it turns out, it was a pretty big role.

Drama got caught in the near dismantling of Meek Mill’s career  middle when his ex-wife claimed he was the one who leaked reference tracks Quentin Miller recorded for Drake, which would’ve ultimately given Meek the ammunition he needed to fire shots at the Toronto rapper. Drama still denies the accusations and now says it was Meek who jumped the gun on his own, following a private conversation he had with Drama about Drizzy’s “R.I.C.O” verse not being original.

Complex explains:

“I’m gonna say this and then we’re gonna put it to rest,” Drama began, before explaining that he got involved due to Meek Mill. “My involvement in the situation was that my man thought he was getting dissed,” he said, referencing the line on “R.I.C.O.” where Drake says “the girl of your dreams to me is probably not a challenge.” Meek has previously addressed this line on Twitter, saying he originally took the line to be a knock at his relationship with Nicki Minaj.

Drama said that he told Meek that “he’s not dissing you… those weren’t technically his bars,” trying to placate Meek by saying Drake didn’t write the line. Meek presumably then took that and ran with it, publicly leveling ghostwriting accusations against Drake and igniting their much-discussed feud. “I had a conversation with my man about something and from there it just blew out of proportion,” Drama said.

Drama then implored the world to ask Funk Flex about the source of the tapes.

He once again denied he had any involvement in leaking the reference track, saying “ask Flex where he got the records from, he didn’t get them from me. Go ask Meek where he got the records from, he didn’t get them from me.”

While Drake came out of the beef remarkably unscathed, Meek Mill’s career seems to have suffered. To hear the Philly native’s most recent Drake diss, click here and watch DJ Drama clear a few misconceptions up in the clip above.


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