A couple of kids decided to run up on Joe Budden and soon realized it wasn’t the best idea.

The scene begins with two young men approaching Budden as he steps out of his car and he clearly isn’t too enthused. The kids already have their cameras rolling. The next set of Snapchats show the rapper in the passenger’s seat of another car chasing down the boys. While in pursuit you can hear an angry Joe Budden saying “I keep saying these little internet games are going to get one of you n-ggas killed.”

After the car stopped Budden hopped out and began to yell and threaten them, saying “If you come on this fucking block again, I’m going to kill one of you little n-ggas….This is not the internet. I will kill one of you.”


Here’s the incident from Joe’s point of view:


Joe Budden soon responded on twitter:

The memes and responses were pretty amazing:

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