Rotimi is most known for his breakout character, Dre, on the TV show Power.

Since emerging in the second season, Dre has become the character people follow for all the action and jaw-dropping scenes — which is not far off from 50 Cent‘s character, Kanan. But aside from acting, Rotimi has a few other exciting things going on, too. With Rotimi’s drive and hustle, he’s become a part Chevy’s “The Formula.”

Check out five reasons why you should know Rotimi:

He’s an R&B Singer

Not only is Rotimi an amazing actor, but he’s a singer, too. He released an EP last year titled Royal Wednesday. The debut project showcased his range from singing classic R&B ballads as well as the heavy trap-influenced tracks that have become so popular in recent years. The EP also houses a “Hotline Bling” remix. His latest summer project, Summer Bangerz, is sure to make it into your rotation, too.

He Plays the Quick-Tempered Character Dre

Season three is really going to be a chance to get to know Dre. He’s the protégé of Kanan, but has a few of Ghost’s attributes, too. Of course he owes Kanan for saving his life in prison, but he proved he’s willing to turn on Ghost at the drop of a dime. Now, in season three we’re pretty sure Dre is down to ride with Kanan no matter what. Though quick-tempered, Dre has become a fan favorite and one of the most exciting characters to watch. Season three is sure to be full of more action for Dre.

Even Jamie Foxx is a Fan

When Jamie Foxx is a fan, you’ve got to be doing something right. Jamie, a quadruple threat who is an actor, singer, songwriter, and comedian, once ran into Rotimi and gave the 25-year-old major props. While Rotimi was in a L.A. nightclub after filming the first season of Boss, he ran into Jamie.

I was in the section with some of the Clippers players, and this guy taps me on my shoulder and said he was a fan. I turned around, and it was Jamie Foxx. He was filming Django Unchained at the time. He then got on the microphone and gave me a shout out. It was a super humbling experience! He is one of my favorite entertainers of all time,” he told Complex.

He has his own Company 

Not only is Rotimi a gifted singer and actor, but he’s also a businessman. He’s the founder and CEO of FrontRoSeats Productions. The company offers a state-of-the-art recording environment and also produces top-notch concert and event recordings. Like plenty of other musicians and actors, it looks like he’s also learned how to diversify his investments and is doing pretty well.

He’s featured in “The Formula,” presented by Chevy.          

“The Formula” is all about hustling hard and bringing dreams into fruition. Rotimi embodies “The Formula” because he’s a young guy in Hollywood not only trying to balance being an actor and a singer, but is talented enough to succeed at both. He puts his all into everything he does, whether he’s acting along side music heavyweight 50 Cent and Omari Hardwick, or opening up for people like Jennifer HudsonT.I.Estelle, or NERD. He was even able to mesh his two worlds when he played Keyshia Cole‘s boyfriend in her “Trust And Believe” video. Rotimi is the perfect representation of “The Formula” because he continues to bring his dreams to life.

To learn more about Rotimi and the formula for his hustle here.

PHOTO CREDIT: Chevy/Global Grind

The Science Of Rotimi’s Hustle
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