Mrs. Clinton, what you know about No Ceilings?

In a moment that will make history books, Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic nomination at the 2016 DNC yesterday, officially making her mark as the first woman to lead a presidential ticket. If that’s somehow not enough to impress you, maybe the fact that she has bars will.

During her acceptance speech, the presidential hopeful turned possible Young Money artist casually referenced one of Lil Waynes mixtape series and one of his most famous songs in the same sentence.

Hillary told millions of viewers: “When there are ‘No Ceilings,’ the sky’s the limit,” at which point all hip-hop heads began questioning life as we know it.

After teasing her rap career, Weezy caught wind of Hillary’s unforgettable moment and had this to say when TMZ caught up with him: “I haven’t peeped it. I have to peep it first. I don’t even know if it’s true, so…” 

Photographers then repeated Hillary’s newsworthy line and the rap heavyweight was super excited about it, telling cameras: “Man, you heard Hillary use my lyrics?… In her speech, yea. I fucks with Hillary!”

Looks like Hillary just earned the Young Money vote … and maybe a deal? If you ask us, there wasn’t anything “unintentional” about it.



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