This is kind of hilarious.

Funny guy Jonah Hill chopped it up with Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday and left the talk show audience dying of laughter when he told a random story involving Drake.

The 6 God and War Dogs actor have no known connection, but we guess anything is possible when you’re a self-proclaimed “piece of shit” like Jonah. Telling Fallon all about his journey to lose weight, Jonah’s story hits an unexpected turn when it’s revealed he emailed his food diary to the “Pop Style” rapper instead of his doctor. Honest mistake.

“I wrote down like ‘yogurt, salad, chicken,’ whatever, and I sent it to him – and I was looking like an hour later through my sent messages and he didn’t email back. He usually just says ‘oh ok’ or something.” He continues, “It must’ve been ‘D-R’ ’cause it was ‘doctor’ – and I sent it to Drake. So like, Drake – who I don’t know well at all, I met him once – he just got an email from me that said, like, ‘yogurt, salad, chicken,’ and then it said just, ‘Jonah’ at the end of it.”

We can only imagine how confused Drizzy must’ve been when he opened the message, but according to Jonah, the quick-witted lyricist wrote back, “You went from 0 to 100 calories very quick.”

Good one.


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