Winning a Super Bowl has to be great, but having your grandmother released from prison after serving 16 years is most definitely monumental.

The Denver BroncosDemaryius Thomas‘ grandmother was one of the 214 sentences that President Obama commuted on Tuesday. Demaryius’ grandmother Minnie Pearl Thomas was serving a life sentence for cocaine trafficking.

The wide receiver took to Twitter to thank the president for returning his grandmother to her family:

This isn’t the first time President Obama has pardoned one of Demaryius’ family members, as he also freed his mother from a federal prison where she was serving 20 years on a drug distribution conviction. Demaryius’ grandmother and mother were arrested together on drug charges when the NFL star was only 11 years old, according to the Broncos’ official website.

He spoke to The Post about it shortly after finding out, and called it a blessing.

I just found out right when I came in from weights. I had no idea. I was surprised. I was excited, too, it came this early. I heard 200-plus people get to have a second chance, and for my grandmother to be one of them, it’s a blessing,” he said.

Minnie is scheduled to walk out of the low-security Federal Correctional Institution in Florida on December 1.

During his presidency, President Obama has commuted 562 individuals’ sentences, and according to the White House, that’s more than the last nine presidents combined.

SOURCE: SB Nation, White House | IMAGE CREDIT: Getty, Twitter


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