Snoop Dogg has had enough with the NFL’s rules about its players not being allowed to smoke weed.

Well, technically, he just thinks its weird that NFL players are able to own and carry guns, but still can’t smoke marijuana. The fact that football players are allowed to own guns was brought to attention during Wednesday’s episode of First Take. Everyone’s favorite ESPN pundit Stephen A. Smith touched on the league’s stance on guns.

Smith, Max Kellerman, and Damien Woody spoke about the length the NFL has gone in order to teach the players how to be responsible gun owners.

Snoop must’ve tuned in to Wednesday’s episode and was pretty pissed that the football league would go this far to help players who own gun permits but are so tough on weed smokers. Most recently, Buffalo Bills’ Marcell Dareus faces suspension of the first four games of the upcoming NFL season for missing a mandatory drug test.

Here’s what Snoop had to say on the issue:

So the NFL want to give players rights to carry guns but won’t give them the rights to smoke weed? They already violent as fuck playing football. Give them something to turn them down: Weed! We should say motherf*cking marijuana is legal, not fucking guns, you goofy ass motherf*ckers. NFL, y’all stupid as f*ck. Man, get at me about fixing this shit. How y’all gonna clear guns but don’t clear motherf*ckin’ marijuana? Marijuana calms a motherf*cker down. Guns turn a motherf*cker up. Nothing goes right with guns,” he can be heard saying in the Instagram video.

While the NFL is unlikely to change its stance, the players might have to leave the fun for the offseason.

SOURCE: Instagram | VIDEO SOURCE: YouTube | IMAGE CREDIT: Troy Schieman


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