After years of struggling with drug addiction, Darryl Strawberry just wants to help his good friend and former Mets teammate Doc Gooden get clean.

Strawberry, 54, recently came to the conclusion that Gooden, 51, might be using again after he missed an appearance the two of them had at a WFAN radio event in New York City.

It’s really, really, really tough to sit here and just know that he was supposed to be here, too, and he’s not here,” Strawberry said at the event.

Strawberry reached out to John Harper of the New York Daily News to speak on Gooden’s struggles with cocaine.

I have to try something before he’s dead,” Strawberry told the newspaper.

He’s a complete junkie-addict. I’ve been trying behind the scenes to talk to him and get him to go for help, but he won’t listen. He thinks he can manipulate and BS his way through everything. His son called me to beg me to help his dad before he dies. The condition Doc is in, it’s bad, it’s horrible. It’s like cocaine poison. I feel like I’ve got to get it out there because nobody else is doing anything to help him, and it might be the only way to stop him,” he continued.

Gooden eventually responded late this weekend, saying he was fine and is planning to “regroup and address his health” immediately:

Strawberry and Gooden’s drug use during their time as New York Mets was well documented in the duos 30 for 30, which covered the rise and fall of the storied franchise in the 1980s.

Let’s hope Gooden will get the help he needs.

SOURCE: NY Daily News | IMAGE CREDIT: Getty, Twitter


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