Stand-up comedienne Sommore has it all looks, brains… and the mouth of a wayward sailor. The Trenton, NJ native recently premiered her new stand-up special, The Queen Stands Alone, on Comedy Central — the DVD version due out Sept. 30 — so The Urban Daily caught up with the one of the “original queens of comedy” to talk about stand-up, sex, Nia Long and all things Obama.

The Urban Daily: What was the first place that you bombed on stage and how did it help out your comedy career?

Sommore: I never really bombed, you know? The thing about my shows is that people will walk out. They didn’t really boo me because the show started late. The promoter didn’t come and get me on time, so while he was picking me up late, it taught me that I had to be more in control of getting myself to the show. Which means if I have to make sure that things get handled and hold people responsible for making it happen, then I have to. It’s crazy, though…

TUD: What has been the craziest comment that someone has said to you while you were on stage?

Sommore: [Laughs] You know… if I’m doing colleges, they’ll holler out, “You got a fat ass!” and different stuff like that. They normally don’t heckle me, though. I have my material set up to where I’m rolling off rip.

TUD: [Blackplanet Created User] wanted to know, “What was the sexiest outfit that you ever rocked on stage?”

Sommore: I had one that had a flesh color tone underneath it. It was lace but it had a flesh tone color underneath, so when the women came to the show, they were like, “Yay!” So excited to see me, right? Then they man came in there and when they really looked at me, they were like, “I know this heifer ain’t naked in front of me and my man… I know she ain’t naked!” [Laughs] It was a bit much.

TUD: So, if “we don’t know money, like you know money,” how do we stop this recession?

Sommore: I tell people all the time to learn how to multitask. You know…? Like when you go to the gas station, pray at the pump [laughs]. You ain’t even got to go to church and use up all the gas you just put in. Buy your hair products at the grocery store [laughs]. Do everything at one place. Get your hair braided in the backseat of the car [laughs]…

TUD: What did you think of Michelle Obama’s speech?

Sommore: I saw it and, oh, my goodness, did I not enjoy it…? I sure did! First of all, I’m a Michelle Obama fan. I love her as a woman. I think she’s an excellent role model for black women and for women, period, in this country. I love the way she spoke about supporting Barack. She believes in him and she has a lot of love for him. You could actually hear her passion for him and the work that he’s doing. She believes in his movement and it was awesome.

TUD: Do you think that most black relationships have that same type of passion?

Sommore: They should, they should. I would like to think they start out that way, but I think that there is a give and take to all of that. I don’t think that all relationships start off so passionate, but it’s up to both people involved to keep it that way.

TUD: Your half-sister, Nia Long, also is problem [laughs]. Growing up, have you ever taken someone that she had a “love jones” for?

Sommore: No. Most men that I run into already have a crush on Nia. You don’t know how many men offer, “Please can I come to the family reunion, please…?” [Laughs]

TUD: What was the craziest request for your time that you’ve ever received?

Sommore: I was in a limousine getting picked up from a Philadelphia airport and I was so sleepy because I had just got in from a flight from Los Angeles and I was tired. I fell asleep, but when I woke up, this guy had taken me to his mother’s house because he told me that I was his mother’s favorite comedian. By the time I’m waking up, she was already walking to the car. He was like, “Oh, Ms. Sommore, please don’t be mad, I just wanted my mom to see you.” I’m like, “Really?” I guess he wasn’t even going to wake me up. He just wanted her to see me. That was kind of weird for me. That was different.

TUD: Lisa Raye is going through a lot of mess right now. Biting and all that crazy stuff is going on. Did you hear about that?

Sommore: I read something about it that was kind of crazy.

TUD: In the end, somehow Rocsi [from “106 & Park”] is involved in all of this…

Sommore: Maybe they got married for the wrong reasons. I think that Turks and Caicos had embraced her and everything.

TUD: What are some of the things about the Obama campaign that you may be worried about?

Sommore: I’m steadfast. I’m not worried at all. I’m with him 100%. I’m rolling with his decision. I just don’t think that we have an option. I’d like to think that we have someone else to go with, but we definitely don’t have that option.

TUD: If you weren’t doing comedy, then what would you be doing?

Sommore: I’d be doing something with fashion, most definitely. I’d want to own my clothing store or something like that. In the end, I’d definitely want to be in the fashion business

TUD: Do you think that the time is now for black comedy screenwriters to put out more work?

Sommore: I think that they’re out there. The problem is that we don’t have enough people green-lighting our projects. There aren’t any black folks out except for maybe Will Smith or Oprah Winfrey. It’s just not important to Hollywood to put us out there. They don’t put black actresses on the cover of magazines because “they” say they don’t sell. It’s just not important to them. I love Tyler Perry and the work that he’s done. He’s invested in himself and his company and that’s what I want to do. I’m starting to produce my own projects because I can’t wait on them.

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