Affected by the death of Hadiya Pendleton, a 15-year-old Chicago high school student who was shot and killed on a playground in 2013, Okayplayer has partnered with anti-gun violence organization Everytown for Gun Safety to launch a photo campaign featuring artists in solidarity with the anti-gun violence movement.

The photographs capture each artist standing before a white backdrop. In their hands is a sign that reads: “We can end gun violence.”

“According to Everytown, 51 women are shot to death by intimate partners in an act of domestic violence in an average month,” Okayplayer writes on their site. “Seven children and teens are killed daily with guns in the U.S. These are more than enough reasons to call for gun reform, yet we already know that Washington gun lobbyists and the NRA are betting against change.”

As a tribute to Pendleton and the many lives lost, Okayplayer is encouraging readers to wear orange, the color hunters wear in the woods to protect themselves and others.”

America, you and your citizens are actively working together to end gun violence, build safer communities and educate the masses on why common-sense steps are necessary in this country,” Okayplayer continues. “To show how serious we are about strengthening the gun laws in this country, we invited the stars, musicians and celebrities who made our Roots Picnic in Philadelphia to join us in the fight to end gun violence in America.”

See some of the photos below.

View the entire gallery over at Okayplayer.

SOURCE: Okayplayer, Instagram | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Instagram


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