Since Bill Simmons’ Any Given Wednesday hit HBO earlier this summer, he’s been giving his raw opinion on where sports and pop culture meet.

Simmons recently sat down with NBA star Kevin Durant and rapper Nas and got tons of good (and hilarious) out of the two during his rapid-fire questions segment. After Durant admitted he wasn’t angry with Simmons constantly bringing up James Harden‘s trade to the Rockets, it was time for Nas to sit in the hot seat.

Nas was asked what he’d do to squash the Biggie and Tupac beef if he could travel back to 1995.

To tell them about the impact they’d have being dead. The world was about to become a Hip-Hop planet even more than it was in ’95. Now it’s global even more than it was back then and they were the leaders,” says Nas.

Simmons also asked Nas about his hit “Hip-Hop Is Dead” that was recorded 10 years ago and if the state of the genre has changed. Surprisingly, Nas says it has improved.

He cites the emergence of new artists carrying the torch:

It gave birth to Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Drake, and a few other great artists.”

With the leaders of the new school being inspired by the Queensbridge MC, Nas still feels inspired by them.

Watch Nas reveal his favorite NBA rapper, the motivation KD gets from LeBron James, and more in the video above.



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