President Obama gave two speeches in Miami yesterday, and to hype up the crowd, Hillary Clinton‘s campaign enlisted none other than DJ Khaled.

Obama’s first appearance was at Miami Dade College’s Wolfson Campus, where he spoke about the Affordable Care Act. The other was at a Clinton rally at Florida Memorial University in Miami Gardens, where Khaled urged attendees to sign up for early voting.

“I’m talking about Monday, October 24, all you gotta do is bring an ID and show up and be registered to vote,” he yelled into the crowd. “So if you gonna vote right on the 24th, make some noise right now!”

He also provided words of peace, love and positivity in light of the current election.

“The key is to stay away from hate,” he said. “So we gotta make sure we put in power someone that’s gonna represent us. And the most important key I think in this whole election is, we gotta put someone in power that’s gonna be responsible. And that’s the key: responsibility.”

As for Hillary, she definitely has his vote.

“The same way we voted for my favorite president, Obama, is the same way we have to vote for Hillary,” he said. “And let me tell you why: Not only is Hillary a great president and a great person, but Obama is giving us the keys in the safe for Hillary. So make some noise!”

Watch footage from the rally below.

SOURCE: Twitter, Facebook | PHOTO CREDIT: Kevin Mazur / Getty

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