Ciara’s known for having amazingly long, voluminous hair. This is a big change for her.

Yeah, of course it’s partially extensions, but her hair is long anyway. She’s in LA for the Summer and wanted something lighter, something different.

Her new style is a hair piece, right?

Yes, it’s a hair piece. She still has really long hair—this look is just for the Summer.

How did you come up with it?

Ciara has such a little, petite, cute face, and she told me that she wanted to go short. She wanted to do the Halle Berry, but I thought “We need a little sexy, we need a little swagger in front, so let’s just give it a little bit of lift.” But I didn’t want it to look like Rihanna’s cut, either.

A good point to bring up… Them other broads managed to actually cut their real hair. Ciara loses points for hiding her coif.

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