Dear Blackman,

Why are so many men afraid of commitment?


The Blackman:

Hi Britt,

I don’t think that so many men are afraid of commitment. A distinction needs to be made between not being ready and being afraid of commitment. There are a lot of men that want to be in a committed relationship but may not be ready at a particular time in their life. That’s not being afraid. It’s just about understanding where you are in your life.

In some cases women interpret that as being afraid or take it personal and feel it has to do with them.

Also, in some scenarios a man can start dating a woman and have good synergy. He might want to continue dating the woman without being committed and she might want a commitment. He may not be in a place in his life where he wants to be in a relationship. That doesn’t necessarily mean that he wants to be with other women.

There are in fact men who are afraid of commitment but not ALL.

Sometimes it’s just about timing.

I hope this gives you some clarity on the topic.


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