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With his fourth LP Starboy dropping later this month, The Weeknd sat down with the Wall Street Journal to talk about his growth in the industry, his humble beginnings, and the inspirations behind the new album.

Abel Tesfaye’s last project, The Beauty Behind The Madness, came out last fall, and with the singles still getting radio play, he decided to head right back into the studio and keep the momentum going. He canceled a summer tour in the process, but knew it was the right thing to do.

“It was a risk I took and money I lost,” he said. “Everybody thought I was crazy, just like they said it was crazy to put out three records in one year, but this is what feels right. I think I’m just having my A game—that I’m the best I’ve ever been in the studio. I don’t know where to go after this record, to be honest.”

And just four months later, the album was done.

Tesfaye cites late greats Prince and David Bowie as influences for the album.

“I just love Bowie, I think he’s the ultimate inventor,” he shared. Bowie’s “Starman” single even played a part in the naming of the album.

Tesfaye was scheduled to work with Prince before he died last spring.

Now that he has his feet under the table, he’s ready to push the envelope even farther creatively.

“I think if you make music trying to satisfy every listener, that’s where the problem comes, and that’s where you can go a little crazy,” he said. “I’ve done that before, and I’ve noticed that the more free I am and the more creative control I have in the studio, the better reaction I get.”

SOURCE: Wall Street Journal | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter

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