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Are you stressed about the election? If you woke up feeling like America has failed our children by making Donald Trump president-elect, then this post is for you.

A lot of people are angry, upset and shocked at the results. If you’re like us, you’re in need of a break from the divisive politics. We compiled a list of funny videos of kids to help take your mind off it.

You’ll need to be reminded that our children are the reason we need to do right for the future. We need to unite for the kids. So take a moment, watch these videos, and laugh a little.

The country depends on it.

Do you use these for your butt?

God didn’t make me that smart…

What I did? What I do?

Have you ever had a dream?

Look at all those…

Delete all that.


Charlie Bit Me.

Is this real life?

Daughter catches her parents having sex and re-enacts it for YouTube.

You’re not my dad.

SOURCE: YouTube | PHOTO CREDIT: Thomas Barwick / Getty

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