Though Eminem has no problem with partaking in beef, he’s not going to take credit for one aimed at Soulja Boy.

Recently, a poorly-mastered track titled “Die Already” leaked online, on which a rapper sounding similar to Shady raps, “Do the Superman, fuckin’ die already … I wouldn’t buy your CD for half price on eBay … Ice-T told you don’t make me say it the mean way/ I’m not a bad person, you just suck like BJ.”

On the track, the Eminem imposter taunts, “Excuse me ma, America, do ya’ll understand any English anymore?”

Eminem commented on the situation via his Twitter account, writing, “Wow, whoever made ‘Die Already’ really does sound like me. But it ain’t.

In addition, fellow D12 member and producer Kon Artis, wrote to, denying that Em was the source of the track as well. “That new Em dis is a straight up hoax. Can’t y’all tell? Couldn’t Allhiphop?”

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