Cleveland Cavaliers Victory Parade and Rally

Source: David Liam Kyle / Getty

Aside from being a consistent shooter for the Cleveland Cavaliers, we know that J.R. Smith is always up for a funny interview.

During the Cavs game against the Bucks last night Smith totally spaced during a play that led to an easy dunk by Tony Snell. And it was all because he wanted to say what’s up to Bucks guard Jason Terry. Which is all good, except for when it comes during an actual game. Kyrie Irving, Iman Shumpert. and Tristan Thompson even looked pretty confused at what just happened.

Smith was asked about the play after the game and he had convenient amnesia and had no idea what the reporters were talking about.

During the entire post game interview Smith also wore a face mask, which he claimed was part of his alter ego.

Smith only scored 6 point despite playing 30 minutes and the Cavs would lose to the Bucks 118-101. Welp.

SOURCE: Vine, Twitter

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