Every night, The Urban Daily’s resident TV blogger, Kevin L. Clark, gives you his What To Watch rundown for everything on point that’s on television. Here’s what you should check out for Wednesday, September 17th!

City Confidential, BIO, 7:00pm –

The very thoroughly researched and informative BIO show, City Confidential, takes viewers through the arduous task of reenacting harrowing murders that have rocked towns across this great nation. On tonight’s episode, the subject is Little Rock, Arkansas, where City Confidential takes a look back at the 1982 murder of a lawyer’s wife.

Year of the GentlemanBET, 8:00pm –

The great folks at BET have found a way to take their cross-promotion to the next level with tonight’s airing of Year of the Gentleman. The title of the newest album from Def Jam’s own Ne-Yo finds him performing tracks off of his latest to your amusement. Tune in at 8:00pm as BET and Ne-Yo ushers in a new year of swag!

‘Til DeathFOX, 9:00pm –

Joy thinks Eddie is having a mid-life crisis when he buys a red convertible. So, to make matters worst, she ends up flirting with the car dealer. Hilarity ensues tonight on Fox at 9:00 with their latest sitcom, ‘Til Death.

Do Not DisturbFOX, 9:30pm –

Niecy Nash’s latest venture from Reno 911 finds her sexy self on FOX’s Do Not Disturb. Tonight finds her co-worker, Neal, hanging a giant birdcage in the bar to put his hot female staff on display. Be sure to check out this must watch for Wednesday at 9:30pm!

Sons of AnarchyFX, 10:00pm –

One of my favorite shows is Sons of Anarchy and with every new episode it is making me believe that this is a unique twist on the Sopranos-styled storyline. With Ron Perlman as a principle character, Sons of Anarchy guarantees fireworks. Tonight, the gang teams up with the local authorities to find the assailants who assaulted the young daughter of a prominent family. Tune in at 10:00pm tonight!

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