2016 NBA Finals - Game Four

Source: Ronald Martinez / Getty

The Golden State Warriors‘ game against the New Orleans Pelicans Tuesday was much more of a nail-biter than anyone would’ve thought.

The 22-4 Warriors would eventually go on to win but only by 4 points thanks to a key steal by Draymond Green at the end of the game. But one of the best plays came during the third quarter when the shot clock was running down and the defender was all over Steph Curry who somehow made a really tough shot from behind the arc. The best part? He gave an opposing coach a high-five after he sunk the clutch shot.

After the game, reporters were quick to ask Steph why he high-fived coach Darren Erman. As it turns out, Erman is a former Warriors coach so the two know each other pretty well.

“I know him very well,” Curry explained. “He was telling I think Jrue [Holiday], while I was shooting, ‘If he makes it, it’s a good shot, if he makes it, it’s a good shot,’ trying to encourage the defense. So I wanted a little praise for that good shot, and he gave it to me. He was a good sport.”

SOURCE: Twitter

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