On Friday (December 16),  Sevyn Streeter finally performed the national anthem at the Philadelphia 76ers’ vs.Los Angeles Lakers game wearing her “We Matter” jersey.

As you may remember, there was some controversy the last time Sevyn was supposed to perform at the 76ers’ game during their home opener in October. Her performance was scrapped last minute because the team executives felt uncomfortable with her wearing a pro-Black Lives Matter shirt. Following a wave of backlash from players and fans alike, the organization swiftly apologized to Sevyn and invited her to sing at last night’s game.

“I’m happy that we were able to turn an unfortunate situation into something really positive.” Sevyn told ESPN. “I think that me saying ‘We Matter’ and me singing the anthem, the two, they don’t conflict. There’s no conflict in the two for me. I love my country. I love it so much. When you love something so much, you only just want it to be better.”

Not only did Sevyn perform while proudly rocking her “We Matter” jersey, but she absolutely crushed the National Anthem as expected.

Peep Sevyn’s game day performance below:


SOURCE: ESPN, Instagram

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