Dear Blackman,

How do you move on from a past relationship that was filled with love and hurt equally?  The love that I have for my ex-boyfriend has always overpowered all the wrong he has ever done to me. I have not forgot those things and even in all his wrong- doings (cheating, lying,etc.), I do not hate him or dislike him enough to let him go. I would like to move forward with my life and do not want keep on holding on to my past. What should I do?

-Stuck in Neutral

The Black Man:

Hi Stuck In Neutral,

It is not always easy to move forward from a past relationship especially when you have so many feelings and emotions towards some one. You become attached to that person.

Whenever someone has done something wrong to you no matter what type of relationship you have with that person, you are not going to forget what that person has done to you. The key is to forgive them.

Forgiveness will help you move on from that situation. It creates an avenue for you to let go and be at peace with yourself. When you don’t forgive you hold that anger inside of you which resonates and in most cases lashes out on individuals that had nothing to do with that circumstance.  That is why some people walk around angry at the world because they have not learned to forgive. It’s not attractive to have all of that anger built up inside of you. People that have that much anger are usually lonely.

You can love someone but sometimes it just might not be the right situation to be in. That is when you have learn to move on.

Staying in that type of relationship will not create happiness for either person. It is easier said than done to move on, but in the long run that is the best thing to do.

A lot of people live in the past with certain situations in their life and that is why they don’t progress. You can not change what happened in the past. You can only learn from it and move forward. It is best to live in the present. Life is about choice and you can create what you want for your life by living in the present.

It is time for you to switch gears from neutral to drive and move forward in your life. There are unlimited amounts of possibilities for you in your life. Be committed in creating a happy lifestyle yourself.

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