A dispute over the royalties from the music of the late Big Pun have re-emerged between the rapper’s Terror Squad group mate Fat Joe and his wife Liza Rios.

Fat Joe addressed allegations Rios made concerning her being denied royalties for 10 years from her husband’s music in a recent interview on New York radio station Hot 97. According to reports, the lack of compensation from Pun’s music has resulted in Rios and her children reportedly living in a homeless shelter in New York.

“Basically after Pun passed I didn’t receive a lot of money…I received exactly $160,000 something from publishing. And the house that I was paying the mortgage for, which was my husband’s that he bought the house. It wasn’t paid out. The five years that I was living there before I sold it, I spent over $120,000 just on the mortgage. Then you got the kids and the food and the clothes and legal fees. And when there’s no money comin’ in, there’s just money comin’ out.”


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