Eyewitness Mickey Factz is providing his insight on the Joe Budden/Raekwon altercation.

Factz, who was present during the alteraction which resulted in Budden being punched in the face, began by saying Raekwon initially showed no signs of aggression upon entering the room where Budden was.

Rae came in on some peaceful shit at first. He dapped everybody, he dapped Joe,” described Factz. “But then everything changed. He wanted to talk about the video he seen me in with Joe Budden

The video to which Factz referred was recorded weeks ago at a Rock The Bells tour stop in Boston. In the video, Budden offered apologies to Method Man, but made it clear that he would respond if any further disses by members of the Wu-Tang Clan [click to listen] were made. A day after the video was recorded, Budden and Meth squashed the beef.

Despite this, Factz says, Raekwon wasn’t having it. “I didn’t see the punch, but I heard it…Rae was just in another zone, like ‘yo this is what happened, I know what happened,’” Factz explained. “To be real, that was a bad move. I’m not a street dude, but if it would’ve went down we would’ve had to fight. We were not going to win, but I’m looking at Joe if it has to go down, it has to go down. I stayed, I didn’t leave. Rae told me it didn’t have anything to do with me.”

But at the end of the day I have no problems with Wu-Tang Clan. I’m looking Rae in his eyes and telling him the video happened the day before [they squashed it]. Rae didn’t swing. I didn’t see the punch, but it apparently hit Joe in the eye and also the shoulder…If somebody come at you, you have to defend yourself, whether it’s Raekwon, Jay-Z, Nas, niggas we listen to.”

Factz also made it clear that he was disappointed that Raekwon or a member of his crew would assault another emcee in that manner.

One of the six dudes did punch Joe, it was 6 vs. 2. Without me it would’ve been 6 vs. 1. I think it was a sucker move. It looked like Joe barely felt it. [But] shit is crazy. Raekwon has the footage…Joe didn’t swing back, and no they didn’t laugh after the punch. Joe and Rae were going back and forth talking like men. How you going to have your man punch him and now you want to talk? And then you have the camera on? C’mon Rae. Once again I love Wu.”

Check out the video below:

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