Do you remember when Kanye West only performed three songs during his Sacramento Saint Pablo concert, then canceled all 21 of the remaining dates on the tour back in November 2016? The same night, the dad and The Life of Pablo rapper went on a bizarre rant, shaming radio for overplaying Drake and DJ Khaled‘s hit single “For Free.”

“Radio, f*ck you!” Kanye yelled from the stage a bunch of times. “Oh yea, I’m on my Trump shit tonight! I know it’s a lot of real n*ggas working at radio, real people, real programming directors with wives and kids that love music that can’t play what they want to play because they’ve been paid to play that bullshit over and over and over — and when I say that bullshit, what I’m saying is we love Drake. Drake is great. He’s a great artist. But Frank Ocean is great, too,” he added.

“Is it just me or did you hear that song so many times – ‘You say you wanna play for free?’” he added. “You know what it is, though? Because I love Drake. I love Khaled. But they set that song up, bro. And let me tell you something. MTV, f*ck you! Once again, as always, I’m on my Trump shit tonight.”

As Drake recently explained to DJ Semtex, Ye’s comments put a strain on their relationship.“I don’t know, I think everybody has their own little things going on, I’m not really sure what he’s referring to half the time, because in the same breath, I went from being, like working on a project with him, to him sorta publicly sh*tting on me and DJ Khaled for being on the radio too much,”

And it seems Kanye is still on his Trump sh*t, as he recently denied ever saying what we so clearly heard him say. When asked about those comments, a blond ‘Ye flat out told a cameraman “I never said that.” Hmm…

See him say “that” and more above.

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