Kanye West has a new fashion line in the works and he is getting hella advertising from papers in Detroit and other metropolitan areas. Ye’s sneaker line is being advertised on papers nationwide but for only the second time the Detroit Free Press has offered the entirety of the front page of its print edition to Kanye and his fashion line.

The Free Press hasn’t done such an ad since a Chevrolet ad covered the front page back in 2016, the cost for an ad like this usually runs in the $100,000 range.

The ads take up four full pages throughout the paper which the Free Press has printed extra copies of in preparation for high sales. The ads have the words “We Love” written in 11 different languages throughout the page with a stylistic photograph to compliment it. In the photo there are people actually wearing the new ‘Yeezy’ sneakers in an all-white variant.


In the other ads throughout the paper Ye’ has complimented the positivity of the first page with “Love” repeated in multiple languages in addition to Moore models wearing Yeezys being sprinkled throughout the ads.

Today is the planned release of Kanye West’s new sneaker the “Triple White” Yeezy Boost 350 V2’s which are surprisingly available for just $220 a small price to pay if you’ve seen how much some of his previous sneakers have gone for.

Though the shoe is being branded as the “first Yeezy sneaker to be sold in mass quantity”, Our guess is that there will be a limited number of shoes of course, which will ultimately see the shoes available online for double if not more than what they originally were listed at, so if you’d like a pair we hope your’e already at the sneaker store while you’re reading this article.

Kanye’s shoes have been known to be released in limited numbers which then results in a monopoly on who has the shoes and are actually willing to sell them. Usually if you can find a pair you may as well forget about the original price because you’re gonna get taxed by whoever is selling them.


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