John Singleton passed away eight days ago but there is reported a battle brewing over his will. The Oscar nominee only will is from 1993 when he had only had one child — now he has seven and the siblings are allegedly preparing for a battle in court.

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His mother Sheila Ward, who also handled all of John’s business affairs, reportedly filed the 1993 will in court and TMZ reports “she listed his assets at around $3.8 mil. That means more than $31 million is unaccounted for.” Singleton’s estate was allegedly worth d $35 million. It is possible Singleton had a trust for his, which would mean they wouldn’t have to go through a will. As of now, all of the money would go to his firstborn, Justice.

However, one of Singleton’s kids, Cleopatra, reportedly accused his mother of trying to block the children from the estate. TMZ also says if he “had died without a will, Sheila would get nothing from his reported $35 million estate, because under California law the assets would be divided equally among his 7 children. But, since there’s a will, John decides who gets what, and who gets nothing. Given the business relationship between John and Sheila, it’s a safe bet she’s the executor of the will, which surely would not please Cleopatra.”

Cleopatra filed a motion to block her grandmother’s proposed conservatorship, and claimed Shelia was trying to liquidate all of John’s assets and freeze out his children. TMZ also reports “the kids could file a separate lawsuit if they have beef over the trust or whatever John created to dispose of the $31 mil. A legal fight may not just pit grandma against grandkids … it could also pit some of the kids against the others.”

On Monday, April 29 after complications of a stroke. The family decided to take the 51-year-old off life support.

Singleton was reportedly experiencing weakness in his leg after flying back from Costa Rica before he suffered his stroke. The long flight may have triggered the medical emergency.

Singleton is known for films like 1991’s “Boyz n the Hood,” which earned him Academy Award nominations for Best Director and Best Original Screenplay. He was the youngest filmmaker to be nominated in those categories. He was also the first African-American to be nominated for Best Director.

Rest in power, John Singleton.


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