Listen to Rob Parker and Chris Broussard discuss the Brooklyn Nets massive haul last Sunday as the once dormant franchise had its greatest day in franchise history.

The team netted superstar free agents Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in an unprecedented sequence of events that had always been rumored, but one that shocked a lot of people considering they beat out their counterparts across the river, the Knicks, who had always been the most glamorous crown jewel of the city.

Rob believes a Durant comeback, rumored to be at the start of the 2020/2021 season in October of 2020, will be the beginning of a championship run for a franchise who has never won an NBA title (the franchise owns 2 ABA titles in 1974 and 1976).

A lot has been said about Durant’s Achilles injury, which has always been an injury synonymous with being career-ending, but Parker thinks a 30-year-old Durant is a vastly different case than Kobe Bryant, who was 35 when he notably ruptured his.

Check out the audio above as Chris and Rob detail where it all went wrong for the New York Knicks, whose embarrassment was greatly magnified given all of Brooklyn’s immaculate projections are at the moment are coming at their expense.

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