Chris Broussard: “One of the biggest names still out there who hasn’t signed is DeMarcus Cousins. Adrian Wojnarowski reported there is no market for him and I’ve heard other people tell me that there is really nowhere else for him to go. He’s a 21 and 11 guy for his career and is going to sign AT-BEST the mid-level exception and maybe even a veteran’s minimum.”

Rob Parker: “He was in line for $206 million and the Kings balked. Look at how much money he’s lost since then, it’s unbelievable.”

Listen to Rob Parker and Chris Broussard discuss the floundering career of former All-Star DeMarcus Cousins, as a player who used to be considered one of the Top Ten players in the NBA is now struggling to even find work, as the 28-year-old free agent still remains unsigned.

Chris and Rob think Cousins may exhibit elite skill sets at times, as he can be a big-time statistical producer when healthy, but also think his brand of basketball isn’t synonymous with winning, as his Sacramento Kings teams never made the postseason once during his seven seasons with the team.

Check out the audio above as Rob and Chris discuss Boogie’s deteriorating career.

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