Rob Parker: “For whatever reason, Bill Belichick’s full story is never given. When Michael Vick came back after the dogfighting, every time they mentioned his name they talked about the dogfighting and him going to jail. They NEVER mention that Bill Belichick cheated, got caught and had a $500,000 fine; the largest of any coach in the history of the NFL. It’s the reason Belichick can never, ever, EVER, be considered the greatest coach of all time. There will always be a cloud there for the way they do their business. We’re celebrating what the Patriots have done when they’re attached to nothing but scandal and Belichick leads the way. Why aren’t we telling his full story?? Someone is going to write a book and expose the New England Patriots. All I hear is Barry Bonds is a cheater, why isn’t Belichick a cheater??”

Listen to co-host of The Odd Couple Rob Parker go on an animated rant about legendary New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick while discussing recent comments made by Tony Romo that spoke glowingly of the eight-time Super Bowl-winning coach (6 with New England, 2 with New York Giants as a DC).

Rob says he’s sick of the media praising Belichick’s iconic standing as a winner when New England’s rampant history of cheating should be in the first sentence of his biography. He also says he has a problem with notable athletes Michael Vick and Barry Bonds having their names being synonymous with infamy and disgrace, while Belichick is able to shed his misgivings simply because he’s a winner.

Check out the video below as Parker goes on an extended tirade claiming Belichick will never be considered the ‘GREATEST OF ALL TIME.’

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