Roc Nation And NFL Announce Partnership

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For all the talk and divisiveness about Jay-Z partnering with the NFL while Colin Kaepernick is still struggling to get a simple callback from a franchise, it looks like the biggest rumor about the polarizing marriage between Hip-Hop and pro football might be false.

According to CBS Sports, the notion that Jay-Z would soon become a co-owner of an NFL team after partnering Roc Nation with the league doesn’t hold any water. Sources tell CBS that although the deal does allow Jay-Z to oversee the live music entertainment aspect for the Super Bowl and such, it doesn’t include any language suggesting that Hova would be entitled to move into any Owners Boxes of his own.

Regardless, the deal does not include any ownership stake or parameters of a potential one. That’s not to say that Jay-Z will not at some point get a piece of a team through his work with the league and its owners, but this is nothing like the situation between him and the Brooklyn Nets, where he paid the most nominal of fees to get a portion of the team while he campaigned for their move to that borough and served a particularly public function as the face of the franchise. Carter would have to be fully vetted and approved by membership, and he would have to divest himself of his growing athlete representation empire as well.

“Those kinds of deals don’t exist in the NFL,” as one super-plugged in ownership-level source put it. “There is no ownership component to this arrangement.”

Well, so much for Kaep eventually getting a tryout at a team’s facility that counts Jay-Z as an owner, for now.

While some have come out and criticized Jay for giving the NFL a pass for “white balling” Colin Kaepernick for the past few years, others have praised the move as a step in the right direction. The latter feel Jay having a seat at the owner’s table can enact some kind of change in the league.

Now that it’s being reported that Jay will not be having a seat reserved for him when team owners congregate about the future of the league, does this leave Hova really like a pawn for real? Let us know what you thinj in the comments.

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