Earlier this week French Montana started trending after a video of him chewing out his security team hit social media. While word was that someone got past them and was able to hit him with a sneak attack, no one outside of his team and those that were there are able to confirm that was the case.

But later on the “Oh Yeah” rapper actually went on Angie Martinez’s show and explained how everything went down and why he was upset at his security team.

Immediately addressing the video that went viral on Monday morning, French explained that after the VMA’s he and his man’s and ‘em hit up the strip club after the awards show, but it wasn’t until after they beat up some chopped cheese sandwiches that the altercation went down.

“My boy just started arguing, next thing I turn around they started fighting. My security is in the car asleep.” Though the video shows French barking on his team after the fight went down, Montana admits “I don’t blame them though… but that’s why I was yelling. I shouldn’t be the one breaking up a fight.”

It seems like the whole “French got sucker punched” rumor was all hogwash.

But French does expect these kind of situations to occur as he states “Man, lemme tell you something… I’m a gangsta rapper… that means sh*t gonna happen.” Well, at least he knows what he signed up for.

That being said, the plot twist in this whole situation is that the two men who engaged in fisticuff were both his boys! “This is my two friends fighting!” Huh?! How does that fit into the whole “I’m a gangsta rapper” and “shit gonna hap – you know what, forget it. At least French tried to keep the peace between his brothers in the middle of the street. Other dudes would’ve just let the fight go down and went home afterwards.

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