Cook County prosecutors seek to raise bond on R. Kelly even though heâs already in custody on federal charges

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R. Kelly is having a tough time in prison while he awaits trial for multiple sexual misconduct charges. Reportedly, R. Kelly is pleading with a judge to have him released from solitary confinement.

Yeah, R’uh wants to be in gen pop. Good luck with that.

Reports TMZ:

Kelly’s lawyer filed legal docs, obtained by TMZ, claiming the solitary area where the singer is confined is designed for punishment … not housing pending trial.

Attorney Steven Greenberg gives examples … he has no meaningful interaction with human beings, no time outside getting sunlight, no access to media, no recreational activities, no face-to-face visitations that are not recorded, showering only 3 days a week and one 15-minute telephone call per month. And, he’s not permitted to buy snacks or candy from the commissary.

There are other examples, but Kelly’s lawyer says his client hasn’t violated any rules and has not been convicted of a crime, yet he’s being treated as such.

Greenberg claims Kelly is being punished because of his “celebrity status” and the fact he’s charged with sex crimes involving minors.

Kells may want to reconsider since inmates don’t take too kindly to people accused of being child molesters. Sure there will probably be cons still caping for the disgraced singer, but it’s not a risk you want to take.

Last we heard from R. Kelly, he was trying to get money together to hire a former Michael Jackson lawyer. The struggle is real.


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