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Uh oh, it looks like Shaquille O’Neal out here looking for beef and we ain’t talkin’ about the flame broiled that comes in sesame seeded buns kind. Obviously taking issue with Dame telling Joe Buddens that he’s a better rapper than Shaquille O’Neal was making history as the first NBA player to also be a platinum plaque packing rapper, Shaq decided to drop his first ever diss track and took aim at the Portland Trailblazer’s star point guard.

Hoping on Eminem’s instrumental to “What’s The Difference?,” Shaq let off some unapologetic bars off on Dame and went straight for the jugular with lines like, “MVP candidates, you are not one/platinum plaques on my wall, go and get you some… legendary, i’m a Hip-Hop scholar/I’m tryin’ to get a billion, who gives a f*ck about a dolla?! Little boys better stay in they place/next time they ask you about Shaq, man fix your face!” Shaq-Fu still got darts, b!

Oh, you thought Dame D.O.L.L.A was going to take that lying down, Diesel? Don’t you know how disrespectful these millennials can get nowadays? Well, you ’bout to find out.

Not even 24 hours after Shaq went at Dame, the D.O.L.L.A. man responded with a scathing blast back track and held no punches as he clowned the NBA Hall of Famer with bars like “I’m new school, got new hits/Space Jam not Blue Chips/hang-man, your shoe sh*t/Dame 6, i’m too lit/big name got big brand but you corny/gift bags get purchased every time you get horny, then they repo’d.” Daaaaaaayuuuumn! Dame went on to fillet Shaquille by stating Kobe and D-Wade won him those championships and how useless he was by the time he signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Well, at least he never mentioned Shaq’s wild relationship with Hoopz.

Check out Dame’s response below and let us know who had the better diss cut in the comments section.

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