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Dennis Rodman has been charged with battery for allegedly slapping fire out of a man back in May. Interestingly, it was the victim’s birthday.

The former NBA star whose nickname is “The Worm” vehemently denies the claim, though.

According to TMZ, the cops says Rodman was kicking it at the Buddha Sky Bar in Delray Beach when he “unprovokedly turned around and smacked” Jeff Soulouque, 30, on May 17.

Soulouque says Rodman was apologetic, even offering up a dinner invitation. However, a trip to the hospital revealed a left corneal abrasion and Soulouque went to the cops the next day to file a report.

Apparently, there’s a witness who says they saw Rodman slap Soulouque, twice. Rodman pleaded not guilty but is facing a max sentence of a year in jail if convicted.

We gotta hear both sides.

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