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Kanye West is gearing up for a tour of his ongoing Sunday Service event and it appears that to get this event insured, it will come with quite a catch financially. West can get an insurance company to underwrite the tour but if he cancels or is hospitalized for mental health reasons, he could be forced to eat the costs.

TMZ reports that plans for the Sunday Service tour are underway, and it doesn’t appear to be that West is slowing down after already taking the event nationwide thus far. The outlet sought details from sources close to West and to insurance companies, discovering that the insurance is all but certain but given West’s past issues, there could be some reluctance.

Some might recall that back in November 2016, West canceled stops on his Saint Pablo tour due to mental health issues and related concerns. Lately, West has seemed to be a vision of good health bolstered by his renewed commitment to Christianity and the release of his latest album, Jesus Is King.

West has yet to announce the official launch of the Sunday Service tour.

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