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Kanye West has emerged as a champion of Christian and conservative values in the wake of his reawakened faith and new musical direction. In a recent misguided rant against the Democratic Party during a talk with Big Boy, West equated the oral contraceptive Plan B pill with abortion and the makers were quick to check him.

TMZ reports:

A rep for Foundation Consumer Healthcare — the pharma company that makes the Plan B One-Step contraceptive — tells TMZ that their pill is in no way connected to the process of abortion … even though Ye appeared to conflate the topics.

You’ll recall … Kanye mentioned Plan B and abortion in a rant he went on about the Democratic party, which he thinks has brainwashed African-Americans into killing babies.

That is simply NOT the case though, when it comes to Plan B … so says FCH. The company tells us plainly, “Plan B emergency contraception is a safe and effective backup option when used as directed after unprotected sex or birth control failure.” Hmmm … go on.

They add, “Plan B helps prevent pregnancy before it starts by delaying ovulation. Plan B is not an abortion pill – it will not harm an existing pregnancy and it will not be effective if a woman is already pregnant.” In short, it ain’t an abortion pill, despite misconceptions.

Despite the factual burn, most should expect West to ride with his head high and chest out proud on this issue given his allegiance to the MAGA way of thinking and the like. Sad (c) Comrade Cheeto.

Check out the Big Boy’s Neighborhood chat below.

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