Hundreds of protesters took over a subway platform in...

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Once again New Yorkers are standing up against the powers that be. Over the weekend locals took underground to disrupt the city in the name of justice.

As spotted on Gothamist over 1,000 residents of the Big Apple staged a mass turnstile jumping. The rush took place on Friday, November 1 at the always busy Hoyt–Schermerhorn station nearby the Barclays Center. This demonstration, which was a peaceful one, was in response to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s recent fare evasion programming that has staffed over 500 officers throughout the city’s commuter hubs.

Crowds were seen chanting “How do you spell racist? N-Y-P-D” via megaphones. Amin Husain, an organizer at Decolonize This Place made it clear the situation is dire. “We needed to react quickly because what we’re seeing is this additional 500 cops that Cuomo has authorized are waging a war on poor people of color” he explained.

While the notion of having more law officials present throughout the trains their presence has already led to some very questionable behavior. On October 25 police were taped pointing their guns towards a crowded train after they believed Adrian Napier had a weapon even though the 19-year-old had his hands up the entire time.

To add further salt to the tense relations the following day an officer was caught on video punching two teenagers in the face at the Jay Street stop.

The MTA has yet to formally comment on the protest.


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