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A little advice to racists: Donald Trump will not protect you from an ass whuppin’ and Popeyes still doesn’t have the security to protect you from one either.

The Atlanta Black Star is reporting that a racist white man found that out the hard way on Thursday (Nov. 7) when the latest Popeyes chicken sandwich related brawl occurred after a caucasian customer was videoed yelling “n*gger” five times at some Black people also at the fast-food restaurant for reasons unknown.

What was known was that the bigoted mouthed customer was all too confident he could flex on fellow friend chicken enthusiasts and get away with yelling things like “Come on, ni**er,” and “f*cking ni**er ass m*therf*ckers” at a Popeyes joint filled with Black people. Well, he could not and he did not.

What we saw next was said racist getting beat down outside of the restaurant with the hood avenger yelling “You in my hood, cuz! You in my hood, b*tch!” before being told “Say sorry right now!” With all fours on the floor the racist not only yelled “I’m sorry” but also had his highly coveted Popeyes chicken sandwich taken from him. That probably hurt worst than the beatdown to be honest.

No word on whether or not the “victim” went home or got back in line to order another chicken sandwich but best believe he’ll think twice before spewing racial slurs next time he’s a fast-food restaurant.

Check out the video below and let us know if you would’ve taken the sandwich too.

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