Before the arrival of the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel, Motorola was king of the cellphone devices. The company is looking to compete with the current big boys by bringing back its iconic Motorola Razr flip phone.

Now we know you’re asking what year are we in with this announcement but hear the company out for a moment. The new Razr, of course, has been modernized for today’s smartphone users. Yes, it’s still a flip phone technically, but this time, it’s powered by Android.

When the phone is flipped open, users will notice that the T9 keypad and smalls LCD screen are gone and have been replaced with a plastic OLED screen that is fully capable of folding in half. Motorola boasts that when the phone is in its flat-panel form, there will be “no visible or tactile creases.”  The phone is also entirely water-repellent, which is also impressive and will run on the latest Android 9 Pie operating system.

As far as the price? It’s definitely the new Razr is definitely not in the ballpark of its previous model. When it arrives, you will be breaking bank cause its gonna cost $1,500, which is understandable based on the foldable technology.  Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is also ridiculously expensive due to it using the new folding technology.

We can’t front; it’s a beautiful looking phone and looks to have mastered the “folding” tech in one try. You can see it in action in the promo video below. Let us know in the comment section if the new Motorola Razr intriguing to you.

Photos: Motorola / Motorola Razr

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