Disney+ Warns Subscribers of "Outdated Cultiural Depictions"

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Before you start typing up those think pieces, Disney wants you to know it’s well aware of the problematic behavior in its old films and cartoons.

When Disney+ was first announced, many wondered how the house of the mouse would address the stereotypical and racial tropes that plagued the company’s old movies and cartoons. We now have an answer, Disney decided to include a short warning before specific titles like Peter Pan, The Jungle Book, Dumbo and Lady, and the Tramp. The notice itself reads:

“This program is presented as originally created. It may contain outdated cultural depictions.”

While some are applauding the company’s decision to issue the warning and take accountability, other critics are pointing out that Disney’s wording in the notice is hazy at best, according to The Washington Post. Head of American studies department at George Washington, Gayle Wald, a critic of Disney’s wording, believes the company could have been more explicit about the message it was trying to convey.

To follow that up, a Twitter user @unicornmantis pointed out in a Tweet showing putting Disney’s message next to WB’s notice that warned and also acknowledge that racial depictions in Tom & Jerry cartoons “were wrong then and wrong now.”

Regardless of this issue and early technical difficulties, Disney+ managed to reel in 10 million-plus subscribers in just 24 hours following the Disney flipping on the switch. We fully expect that number to grow, by the way, The Mandalorian is straight fire.

Photo:Chesnot / Getty

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