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NBA YoungBoy has received some good news before the holidays.

According to TMZ, NBA YoungBoy pled guilty to misdemeanor simple battery family violence after prosecutors agreed to drop the charges of kidnapping and aggravated assault in exchange. Not only did the “Bandit” rapper avoid jail time, but he was also only sentenced to 12 month probation, a $1,500 fine, and must attend mandatory anger management classes. In addition to the aforementioned conditions, NBA YoungBoy also can’t have no violent contact with the victim—his then girlfriend, Jania Jackson.

In February, the Louisiana rapper had been accused of throwing Jackson to the ground at a hotel before allegedly dragging her into a hotel room. Despite the incident being caught on tape, Jackson stated at the time and continued to maintain the story that the two were engaged in horseplay and refused to press charges.

Although the sentencing is light in comparison so other offenders, it wasn’t from lack of trying. The gossip site reports that prosecutors at the Ware County District Attorney’s Office in Georgia attempted to go full throttle with the charges against the “No Smoke” rapper, but Jackson refused to testify in court. In addition to the declined, Jackson also reportedly advised prosecutors that she would not testify if forced to go to court, constraining prosecutors which led to NBA YoungBoy’s sweet deal.

“We resolved the case as best we could without her cooperation,” Ware County District Attorney, George Barnhill said.

As previously reported, in 2016 and 2017, YoungBoy served eight months in jail for two counts of attempted murder after he took part in a drive-by shooting. After pleading guilty, he was given a suspended sentence of 10 years in prison and three years of probation.

In other NBA YoungBoy news, last week the “Bring ‘Em Out” rapper sent the internet into a frenzy after he released the Michael Jackson inspired track “Dirty Iyanna”, a track based on his relationship with Iyanna Mayweather, the daughter of welter-weight champion, Floyd Mayweather.

The undeniably bad track highlights the bad time in their relationship, including the time he accused Mayweather of slashing his tires—an act she later denied.

“Might have to cancel my cards

Don’t come out after dark

I see she won’t leave me ‘lone”

Although the track opens with their turmoil, as Genius points out, by mid-track it appears that he is letting his ex know he misses her.

“In a bed while I’m dreaming behind you I die

Before that can happen, I let off that fire

Trappin’ and rappin’, we shoot to the top

After I’m asking “Can we have a child?”

After heartbreak, I’ll cut off relations

But I be thinkin’ ‘bout you on the daily

Tell my niggas what up and they said that I’m crazy

Remember wit’ you all them hoes, they hatin’”

Although the song didn’t rekindle a romance, at least not publicly, it did trigger a response from Iyanna Mayweather, who asked to be “left alone.”

Check out “Dirty Iyanna” below.

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