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WURD Radio, the lone Black-owned talk radio station in the state of Pennsylvania, partnered with Lincoln Park Strategies, a Washington, D.C.-based research firm, to conduct a national Black voter poll. It is the first poll of 2020 to issued in conjunction with a Black-owned media outlet and the results are now available for viewing.

The LPS-WURD poll surveyed 1,000 Black adults nationwide asking a series of questions regarding the upcoming 2020 presidential election and the field on both sides of the aisle. Among those surveyed 54 percent were women and 44 percent were men. In addition, 83 percent were registered voters, while 14 percent of those polled were not registered.

Among the many interesting findings that stood out in the LPS-WURD poll, 39 percent of the respondents say that they will vote for the Democratic Party’s nominee for president depending on who wins the nomination. Adding to this, 37 percent say they will vote for the Democratic nominee regardless of who is selected, while 10 percent add they will place their vote in favor of President Donald Trump.

While not a direct indication of growing apathy, 11 percent of those polled say they will not vote at all during this year’s election cycle. Also of note, respondents under the age of 45 made comprised 14 percent of the overall number of non-voters.

If a third-party nominee emerges of note, 3 percent of respondents say that person will get their vote. In regards to those who wish to see a Trump defeat, 44 percent of those polled view that as a top priority, contrasting the 24 percent who believed defeating Trump is just as important as the issues presented by the Democratic opposition.

Current front-runner Sen. Bernie Sanders was favored heavily to the tune of 53 percent should he emerge as the Democratic nominee to face Trump in November. If former Vice President Joe Biden were the party’s nominee, 51 percent say they would vote for him in the general election, while 48 percent say they would vote for the surprisingly surging Michael Bloomberg in a race against Trump.

“One of the most intriguing, but alarming results from this poll is the percentage of Black voters who are saying they’ll tap out of the election  — 11% overall saying they won’t vote and 14% of Black voters under the age of 45 saying they won’t vote,” Charles Ellison, National Politics Correspondent for WURD, said in a statement. “That’s just troubling. It’s especially bad when we consider how hard-fought these rights were and the accelerated, systematic attacks on voting we’re seeing today. Electorally, it’s a worrisome sign for Democrats since Black voters are key to their chances at retaking the White House and Senate.”

To echo part of Ellison’s statement, the Democratic Party solidly owns the lion’s share of the Black vote but white working-class voters still remain a large and significant bloc that the candidates are vying for with young voters of all demographics tailing right behind them. It is too early to suggest the beginnings of party defection for Black Democrats, but signs point to the Democratic Party seemingly struggling to retain its relevancy with a once-reliable collective of supporters.

The full details of the LPS-WURD poll can be found by clicking this link.

To learn more about WURD Radio, click here.

To learn more about Lincoln Park Strategies, click here.

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